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An A5 pamphlet is a pamphlet that folds so that each panel is the size of an A5 sheet (210x148mm).

This template provides two .afpub files in the contained .zip file:

  • A template for an A5 pamphlet for Affinity Publisher
  • A "digital-only" template that lays out the above template in a digital "booklet" form easier to use for users that do not intend to print


  1. Open the a5-pamphlet-template-[MODIFY-THIS].afpub which has markers indicating each panel's location
  2. Layout your A5 pamphlet
  3. Open a5-pamphlet-digital-[ONLY-RELINK-AND-SHIFT-PAGES].afpub
  4. Open Document > Resource Manager...
  5. Select the a5-pamphlet-template-[MODIFY-THIS].afpub Resource and click Update (if you have not renamed the base template) or click Replace (if you have), then browse to your newly renamed template.
  6. [OPTIONAL] Reposition the Picture Frames containing each page as makes sense for your digital layout. I've prepopulated this layout in a way that made sense for me, but that won't work for every project.

That's it! You should be able to export an A5 pamphlet layout from the base  a5-pamphlet-template-[MODIFY-THIS].afpub file and a digital-only booklet-style layout from a5-pamphlet-digital-[ONLY-RELINK-AND-SHIFT-PAGES].afpub


Use & Attribution

I do not ask for any attribution for using this template, feel free to use it for anything personal or commercial. Feel free to comment below or tweet me @brstf if you use it so I can see your creations!

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a5-pamphlet-digital-booklet-example.pdf 10 kB

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