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When the saltwater pond known as the Brackish Basin is drained due to an upstream beaver dam, it leaves the citizens of Brineford without their livelihood. It also reveals an ancient temple on the pond floor, built by fish in generations past. What secrets could this long-submerged temple hold?

Drained Temple of the Brackish Basin is a pamphlet adventure for the Mausritter RPG that contains:

  • A dungeon crawl through an aquatic themed temple
  • 6 Items and a new spell to find
  • A bestiary containing 5 entries
  • 2 factions with opposed goals: the citizens of Brineford and the beavers

It can be run on it's own as a one-shot dungeon crawl, or inserted as a hex into an ongoing hexcrawl.

Inspired in part by Dave Cox's A Rasp of Sand and SoulMuppet's Beneath the Missing Sea

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Printed by Risolve

Drained Temple of the Brackish Basin is an independent production by Brian Stauffer and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence. Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

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TagsFantasy, mausritter, nsr, OSR


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I've now run this as a one-shot adventure for several different groups and it's one of my favorites to introduce Mausritter with. It has great visuals to help inspire roleplay and some fun things to discover. It offers different possible approaches and a good mixture of exploration, roleplay and possible combat. I highly recommend this.

I played this last night and had a lot of fun. Some really great atmospheric and aesthetic choices in this game, which helped us all get 'immersed' in the story. The story itself was also really interesting and entertaining. I like that it had a very logical narrative that was accessible to us as players. I often find a lot of adventures, both official and third party, are too all over the place with the narrative and that you end up getting lost.

Highly recommend this adventure to anyone interested in Mausritter. It's a wonderful introduction to the system and has some really fun magic items, too!

Very happy with my purchase. Really beautiful to look at with a lovely designed map. I am just getting into OSR and Mausritter for a game with my son and this adventure is great in showing me all the types of things I need to include in an adventure site.

Keen to run it with my son! (might have to advise him to be careful though, he really likes fighting monsters).

Thanks so much for the kind words! Mausritter is a great gateway to OSR-style play, and has a built-in way of telegraphing the danger. You're a mouse! Mice are small and the world is large and dangerous!

For building your own adventure sites, there's some great tables in the book for inspiration and contents. The author, Isaac, has also shared some notes on writing adventures here. The Mausritter discord (which you can find on the Mausritter site) also has plenty of people willing to discuss/help.

I'd love to hear how you're adventure goes!


The layouting work on this is just superb, the premise is nice and the dungeon design follows all the OSR best practices.

I would put this on the same level as Gavin Norman's and Ben Milton's recent work.

Simply fantastic!