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In the center of a peaceful grove of the forest lies a large, perennially red-leafed maple: The Vitacernis. A mouse community thrives in the treetops of the surrounding grove, its citizens friendly if a little eccentric. They revere the grand tree  and believe that the sacred red sap it produces has divine curative powers.

When the red sap stops flowing and the Viscount's son falls ill, brave mice are secretly sent inside the tree to find any sap that remains. Inside they find the ruins of an ancient settlement tangled in its roots, meet a rat necromancer and the results of his experiments, and learn the secrets of the mysterious maple and its life-giving sap.

The Vitacernis is a 20-page zine for the Mausritter RPG containing:

  •  Ruby Grove - A mouse settlement with 16 locations and 20+ NPCs to meet
  •  4 major NPCs with backgrounds, behaviors, and open-ended plot hooks
  • An adventure that sees the PCs delving inside the tree, uncovering ancient ruins, meeting its new inhabitants, and discovering the strange tree’s origins
  • A 14 entry bestiary, 2 new spells and conditions, and a 40+ entry treasure table containing some treasure unique to the setting
  • A separate cut-out item sheet containing the new conditions, spells, and a selection of 11 detailed items
  • A set of tools for GMs to integrate Ruby Grove and The Vitacernis into an existing campaign including: a table of both local and hexcrawl-level rumors, a table of location/NPC features to easily plug in alternates from an existing campaign, and aftermath prompts to guide what happens in the world following the adventure
  • Inside the Vitacernis Map Illustration by Evlyn Moreau

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The Vitacernis is an independent production by Brian Stauffer and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, mausritter, nsr, OSR, zine


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Thank you for supporting two bundles of the major causes I believe in! I can't wait to try your module for this game!

This is a super-impressive module, which I backed during ZineQuest #3.

The writing is crisp and the layout is designed to be easily usable at the table. Without spoiling too much, the adventure includes some faction tensions and most encounters can be solved non-violently if the players are smart.

I am currently adapting The Vitacernis as an adventure location in a Hex-Crawl run in Knave.
It's really easy to do if you allow giant trees in your world (thinking of Troika! and Fronds of Belevolence), so take a look into it even when looking for sweet adventures for other OSR-rulesets.