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Sanctum of the Ori Magi is a short, origami-themed adventure for the Mausritter RPG. Players will explore the lair of a paper lich, discover paper treasures, and meet the lich's magical folded paper creations.

The party stumbles upon an origami crane with a simple plea written inside "Follow me! The Ori Magi need your help!"

The strange creature frantically flies off, leading them  with urgency to a paper gateway in the wilderness. Through it, they find the Magi long gone; the sanctum is now home to Capriphel the paper lich and his machinations.

Can they find a way to escape, taking the lich's riches in the process? Can they unfold the secret to the lich's power and stop him for good? Or will they become part of his next ritual?

The adventure contains:

  • A dungeon crawl through a paper lich's lair, full of strange creatures made of folded paper, a narrative to unwind, and puzzles to solve, all while the lich's ritual ticks towards completion
  • A 7-entry bestiary full of origami creatures, featuring the paper-lich Capriphel 
  • 10 new treasures and magical artifacts to find, including:
    • A powerful enchanted sheet of paper that can fold into 6 different items. It's printed on a tritetraflexagon so players can fold the item to its different forms

    • A book of origami patterns and rules for players to make their own origami pets
    • A spell that lets the caster fold any material like paper
  • A few hooks for placing the adventure into your existing world

Features two editions: 

  • A 'layout' version with just the contents on each page, easy to read on your computer
  • A 'print' version that can be printed (double-sided) and assembled into an "infinite-card" that switches between pages by folding through the card. 
    Note: For ease of assembly, print the adventure and item sheet double-sided if possible. If not, print single sided, cut out, then glue/tape together to make the pages double-sided.

If you'd like to make you're own infinity card or tritetraflexagon, check out the templates here:

Item cards are available in German thanks to Manfred Geiler (mannolitto on itch)

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Sanctum of the Ori Magi is an independent production by Brian Stauffer and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence.

Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

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TagsFantasy, lich, mausritter, nsr, origami, OSR


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I did not see the book for making origami pets. 

Just finished preparing this (meaning cutting and taking out the glue that I might not have used since school) for running it in the future. It is so clever and even with cutting the edges a bit rough it worked! I even googled how to fold a mini orgiami envelope to store the item cards so that they are not flying around in the Mauritter box. Can not wait for the players to see me folding the adventure site. 

My paper boat is a bit crooked though, but that might be due to my printer not printing it exactly on the same spot (German item cards) and I had to guess a bit while cutting. Not a big deal though, might be for the players to be a bit careful while folding and doing stuff when they get it.


this is an incredible concept. im excited to try it out


Take a 5-star rating for your tritetraflexagon origami items, you magnificent creature